Netball World Cup 2019

A stunning year for the podcast and a stunning Netball World Cup.

A home Netball World Cup was something truly amazing to experience and the saving for South Africa has already begun.

What will I take from it ?
* Pearce International recognised the podcast in itself and awarded me accreditation
* The fact that we were the only UK based podcast doing daily updates (and the figures showed it was needed)
* Sharni told the INF co-ordinator that we knew each other already
* Meeting other press including the great Netball Scoop team and Erin, Caroline Barker and Betty Glover too
* Brilliant organisation from Pearce International on the press side
* Teams were staying in the same hotels so youd be fighting over the good bacon – errr apples – with members of Scotland (thats for the book)
* The atmosphere – Liverpool and England Netball did great