Laura and Gretel

The Netball Show in 2019 has been a total joy to produce.

I think I tweeted the other day – it’s been quite a year for The Netball Show

Over the next couple of days – and Auto-Publish permitting! – Subscribers will not only hear from Netball NI Karen Rollo, Welsh Netball Sarah Jones and also Netball Scotland Claire Nelson. This is in addition to a chat with England Netball Head Coach Jess Thirlby yesterday on the day the Nations Cup squad was announced.

Plus there’s additional interviews scheduled with the International Netball Federations President Liz Nicholl and Chair Claire Briegal plus a heck of a lot more that i expect other media will run as “EXCLUSIVE” over the next few weeks.

Thanks to the team of Sacha, Nat, Zara and Hon #5 Lindsay Keable 🙂 – Truly couldnt do it without the staff, players and everyone involved with the game.